Tola Morakinyo is a 3x CrossFit Games athlete. Hailing from Maryland, Tola first found CrossFit at age 18. Since then, he has made his mark in the sport of fitness. Known for having the heaviest snatch of any Games athlete, Tola has spent the last several years refining and perfecting his weightlifting technique.

He currently coaches and trains at Invictus Boston where he works to help members move better and lift heavier.


3x CrossFit Games Athlete

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IF3 World Champion

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Snatch Record Holder In CrossFit


Former gymnast

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Football, Wrestling, Track through High School

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College Wrestling

A Note From Tola

"I am committed to creating a community of technically sound lifters who constantly move well and feel good.

I want my athletes to get the most out of their training while building sustainable training habits that last a lifetime."

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Boston, Ma

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