Welcome To The All New TrainingIQ

For the past 2 years, TrainingIQ has brought you customized weightlifting programming at a fraction of the cost. Our goal has always been to build the strongest and most technically sound weightlifters out there for the sport of fitness.

Today, we are proud to announce that we will be relaunching TrainingIQ with even more additional features to help you refine your technique and give you a roadmap to strength.


One of the first upgrades to TrainingIQ will be the addition of our TrainingIQ coaching staff. We are proud to announce that 3x CrossFit Games athlete Tola Morakinyo will be our first TrainingIQ coach. The addition of Tola to our coaching team is one that we are truly excited about and will give our athletes the opportunity to receive real feedback from him on programming, lifting, and training lifestyle.

While we believe programming is an essential part of an athlete’s success, we also believe in the importance of coaching feedback. The addition of a coaching team to TrainingIQ will give athletes the opportunity to have their lifts analyzed and corrected by world-class coaches. It will also give them the opportunity to ask questions on technique as well as general training advice.

While Tola is our first coach to be added to the TrainingIQ staff, we will be constantly searching for and adding more world-class coaches so our athletes can experience elite level coaching from the comfort of their gym.


While this year’s pandemic forced many people to train alone in home gyms and garages around the world, training is not meant to be a solo activity. A pivotal part of an athlete’s success in weightlifting and functional fitness comes from the support of their peers.

One of the biggest additions that we are bringing to TrainingIQ is the addition of a central place for athletes to support, motivate, and hold each other accountable as well as give suggestions and advice to each other. We hope that this will give athletes the opportunity to be part of a community, even if you train alone in your gym.

More Features Coming Soon

As we continue with the new launch of TrainingIQ, we will continue to bring you updates to the app as well as the software. We hope to make TrainingIQ a place where you can go and be part of a community with world-class coaches and the smartest, most effective programming available.

Have more questions? Email us at support@trainingiq.com

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