Meet The Newest TrainingIq Coach Tola Morakinyo

We at TrainingIQ are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our coaching staff, Tola Morakinyo.

Tola is a 3 time CrossFit Games athlete and holds the record for the heaviest snatch in functional fitness. Tola started CrossFit at age 18 and was soon drafted to the Boston Iron for his unique ability in both gymnastics and weightlifting.

Through his functional fitness journey, Tola has found a passion for weightlifting, as well as coaching weightlifting. His technique is second to none and his ability to spot flaws and make corrections in his athletes’ form is what makes him an amazing coach.

Tola currently coaches at Invictus Boston, where he also lives and trains. If he’s not training or coaching, he’s either doing yoga, listening to music, or eating breakfast food (his favorite).

Tola hopes to create a community of technically sound lifters who constantly move well and feel good.

“I want my athletes to get the most out of their training while building sustainable training habits that last a lifetime."

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