We're excited to announce  we’ve just launched a new programming track, based on feedback from our users, featuring shorter workouts, fewer training sessions per week, and a lower price.

The new track incorporates several of the most common requests we’ve received from the thousands of athletes who have used TrainingIQ. And just as importantly, the main purpose of the new track is to help make TrainingIQ even easier to fit into your life, especially if you’re a time-crunched athlete.

The new programming option is called our PEAKS track. Here are the main features:

Shorter Workouts

We understand many athletes use TrainingIQ as part of a broader strength or fitness plan. Often it’s hard to squeeze-in lengthy weightlifting workouts several days each week in addition to the training you already perform. Even some of those who use our programming exclusively still find themselves challenged to fit-in regular ~90 minute (or longer) workouts given extremely busy schedules inside and outside the gym.

This has made it difficult for many athletes to balance their TrainingIQ programming with other training, not to mention their non-gym obligations. We designed PEAKS to make this balance easier.

As such, PEAKS offers more compact training than our existing programming. We’ve achieved this through a reduction in the daily exercises and daily volume. Specifically, PEAKS workouts are limited to three main exercises per workout and the total volume of work (per workout) is designed to be completed in approximately one hour.

This makes it possible for even the most time-challenged athlete to incorporate weightlifting into their weekly training.

Fewer Sessions

We know many athletes want to practice weightlifting regularly but aren’t able to do so every day or even every other day. Maybe, for example, you’re trying to balance some focused weightlifting training with your daily CrossFit workouts. While you’ve always been able to choose your training frequency with TrainingIQ, our previous programming was optimized to be most effective at three or more training days per week.   

In response to requests, PEAKS is optimized to be effective with fewer training days. Initially, the program provides two training days per week. You can decide which two days of your week fit best to perform the training. Since there are fewer training days, the workouts themselves are laser-focused: emphasizing work on your greatest deficiencies one phase at a time.

With only two training days per week, PEAKS is much easier to fit into your broader training plan or hectic schedule. And for those weeks that you can’t squeeze in your two sessions, PEAKS allows you to pick up right where you left off the next time you lace up your lifting shoes.

More Affordable

We want to make it easy to get started with PEAKS. While we’re confident the expertise built into it delivers more value than any other weightlifting program on the market, we're offering PEAKS for just $14.99 per month.

But it gets even better than that.

If you sign-up with PEAKS during our first week of launch, you'll lock in a permanent price of $9.99/month for as long as you keep your membership with us.

Just click the button below to get started on your free 7-day trial of PEAKS (new members only) and lock-in your introductory rate (rate reverts to $14.99/mo on 6/12).

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