June Feature Updates

We love your feedback and listen to it carefully. That’s why we're very excited to share with you several new improvements we are releasing today based on your requests. At the end of this post, we’ll also give you a glimpse of what’s coming next.


You've told us how much you like having the prescribed weights and reps set out for you. Knowing exactly how much to lift and how many times makes training and record-keeping simple.  

But you've also told us it's important to have the flexibility to change your weights at times.

Maybe you’re feeling overly fatigued or struggling with a nagging pain. Maybe you just need to lower the weights a bit so you can make all your reps with good technique. Or maybe the weights are feeling too light and you want to go up a bit (please be careful here!).  

Until today, changing prescribed weights in your program was not possible. Now it is.  

Now you have the ability to change the weights for any set in your workout. Anything you modify will be recorded in your history so you can keep an accurate record.


In addition to changing weights, you’ve also told us that sometimes you need to skip a set or even an entire exercise. Maybe you are struggling with a particular movement, like Snatch, and can’t do it on a given day.  Maybe you are running out of time and need to skip a set or two to finish up quickly.  

Whatever your reason, until today you could not mark skipped sets or exercises.  In fact, to finish a workout in the mobile app, you had to mark everything as either a make or a miss. We know that skipping is not the same as missing, and you shouldn’t be forced to declare a make or miss just to skip something.

Now, you can easily skip sets or exercises with the click of a button AND those sets or exercises will be recorded in your history as “skipped”. Since skipped sets or exercises will not be recorded as misses, they will not affect the future trajectory of your program. With the addition of workout notes (see further below), you can even add an explanation to yourself about why you skipped.


Want to add a note about a particular exercise or set?  Want to record general notes about how you felt on a particular day?  Jot down cues or tips to remember for next time?  Now you can.

We’ve added an easy-to-access notes button so you can take notes during every workout.  At the end of your training day, your notes will be recorded with your workouts in your history. You can go back and edit the notes any time.


Now that you have access to the improvements above, we turn our focus to the next set of improvements you’ve been asking for. They include:

WEEKLY PREVIEWS IN MOBILE APP. Currently, you can only preview your training week via the web. You’ve been asking us to enable a full weekly preview right in the mobile app.  We’re working to change this now.

ACCESS ALL WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK STARTING SUNDAY.  You’ve told us that you’d like access to all your workouts for the week at the beginning of the week. To accomplish this, we will be loading your full weekly preview on Sundays so you can better prepare for the week ahead. Not only that, but you’ll soon be able to access and perform all the workouts for the week at your own pace. No more waiting for us to unlock the workouts one at a time.

SKIP ENTIRE WORKOUT.  You’ve told us that sometimes you are unable to complete all your workouts during a given training week. Soon you will have the option to skip an entire workout. For example, if you have 4 training days programmed but can only devote the time for 3 workouts, you will have the flexibility to decide which one to skip.

COMPLETE UNFINISHED WORKOUTS.  You’ve asked us to keep all your unfinished workouts available for completion, rather than locking them down once they are in your history. Soon you will be able to complete unfinished workouts at your pace and whenever you want.

PAUSE A CYCLE.  We get it...sometimes life gets in the way of training. Going on a vacation? Nursing an injury? Work getting in the way?  Whatever the reason, you will soon have the ability to “pause” your training cycle so you can pick up where you left off.  

EDIT HISTORY.  If you mistakenly record a set or rep scheme, we’ll make it easy for you to go back and edit your history to make corrections.

As you can see, we are listening to your feedback and we're committed to improving your experience with our platform.  Above all else, we want to make sure you have the flexibility you need to focus on your training and get the best results possible.

We are excited about the future and we can’t wait to share more details with you as we proceed.