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If you're like a lot of athletes we know, you either you spent hundreds on a remote coach, bought a cheap generic template, or tried to wing it with whatever you could find online. We built TrainingIQ because you deserve something better.



Our app is made for simplicity. Each day, you'll get your workouts delivered straight to you through our easy to use interface. Simply input your current PRs and receive your new training program within a matter of seconds. Once you finish your training cycle, our algorithm automatically updates your program based on your makes, misses and new PRs from your previous cycle


Customized training programs can cost hundreds of dollars and there's no guarantee you're getting exactly what you pay for. With TrianingIQ, you can be sure you're getting fully customized programming at a fraction of the price. 


Not only do we harness the power of technology to develop a custom program for you based on your weaknesses, we also use the power of coaching and community to further enhance your training. Our world-class coaches are here to provide you feedback on your technique and our community of lifters is here to provide you with the support you need in your fitness journey.

Your program will be customized using upwards of 15 personal factors, including your:
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Bodyweight

  • Work hours

  • Work stress

  • Other training stress

  • Workout schedule

  • Competition plans

  • Current PRs

  • Snatch to clean & jerk ratio

  • Back squat to front squat ratio

  • Balance of strength vs. technique

  • Training focus (weightlifting or functional fitness)

  • Training frequency

  • Makes and misses

World-class coaches deliver the feedback you need to perfect your lifting technique.

Known as one of the strongest athletes in the sport of fitness, Tola Morakinyo has found his passion in helping others achieve their strength goals.

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We're always looking for new faces to join our roster of elite coaches and help bring our athletes' weightlifting to the next level.

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