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Where will strength take you?

Your Roadmap To Strength

Through decades of studying the science of weightlifting and coaching some of the world's top athletes, we've mastered the complex process of increasing strength.

With our technology, you gain access to world-class, customized programming at a fraction of the cost of comparable, coach-written plans.


Technology Driven Custom Programming

Receive two days a week of fully customized weightlifting program delivered straight to you through our mobile application. Log your results and record your PRs. Our unique algorithm uses your makes and misses to continue customizing and adjusting your program to best adapt to your training. Every time you finish a cycle, our algorithm re-orients you based on your new PRs and strengths to keep you on the path to strength.

Coaching Feedback

Get direct feedback from our TrainingIQ coaches every day via our online community groups. Our world-class coaches are here to help you perfect your technique and become not only stronger, but more efficient in your lifts.


Training doesn't have to be a solo mission. Get the support and accountability you need from a team of athletes all chasing the same goals as you.

Meet Your Coaches

Tola Morakinyo

TrainingIQ Coach

Tola Morakinyo is a three time CrossFit Games athlete and holds the record for the heaviest snatch in CrossFit. Read more about him below.


New Coaches

Coming Soon


Who is TrainingIQ for?

How do I receive coach feedback?

TrainingIQ is for any athlete looking to get stronger or improve their weightlifting technique. Whether you are a seasoned CrossFit athlete looking to take your strength to the next level or just starting to get into weightlifting, this program is for you.

You'll receive coach feedback through our private Facebook group where you can share your training videos, PRs, and pain points with your lifting. Our coaches give feedback, advice, and training tips directly through their team's Facebook group.

How long is each cycle?

How do you build a strength program that is unique to me?

Each training cycle is six weeks long and includes two days a week of weightlifting programming. At the end of the six weeks, our algorithm reassesses your strengths and weaknesses and designs a new program for you to keep you on the path to strength.

When you first start with us, we ask you a series of questions designed to create a customized program specific and unique to you. Depending on the programming track you’ve selected, we ask questions ranging from an your bodyweight and your current lift PRs, to the amount of hours you work in a week, and more. This is a process called the “Training Cycle Builder.” Our algorithm then takes those answers and generates customized, scientifically-sound, personalized programming.

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